Transport Equipments

Overhead Conveyor

Overhead conveyors utilize a single rail, whether manual or driven, from which the conveying means and load handling takes place over work areas. Overhead conveyors can be installed to follow almost any continuous path, changing direction both horizontally and vertically. If able to use multiple drives, a single path can be several thousand feet.

Overhead conveyors can be supplied in either enclosed track or I-Beam construction based upon weight capacity and application

We offer Mono-O-super overhead conveyor system, which is cost-effective and exceptionally conveyor system. This system is capable of solving all types of material handling requirements of different industries e.g. Tea factories, Automobile, Tractors, Leather industries, Ceramics, Cement, paper, C chemical etc. This system saves cost, as this is easy to maintain and considerably save floor space to increase labour productivity.

Powder-Coating System and Auto-Oil Lubricator :

The Powder Coating System is used for dry coating application using the powder of thermoplastic materials or thermoset polymer. Providing hard finish tougher than paint, this system is mainly used for coating of metals

The Auto-Oil Lubricator provides lubrication to various internal systems such as moving parts, wheels, etc. This ensures cleaning and corrosion resistance to the internal parts of the conveyor systems.